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A.M. Kelly

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Ann-Marie Kelly presents Breakfast on Midlands 103, every weekday morning from 6.30 to 9.00am. She’s a Laois lassie and no stranger to Midlands 103 where she started her career in the 90’s, off she went to Radio Kerry, and then Today FM where she presented the AMKelly show and the rest they say, is history.

Ann-Marie also presents a documentary programme titled “The Open Door” on Monday evenings from 7-8pm and specialist music programme “The Roadhouse Café” on Fridays from 10pm to midnight.

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The Great Famine.

Historian Paddy Heaney tells the stories that he’s collected from around the Midlands during The Great Famine.

Selling white goods in Tullamore for half a century.

Jim Kinahan is still going strong.
He has always maintained that the best way to deal with a customer is to treat them like ‘they are your mother’.
Find out when to approach a customer and how to get ahead in sales on this episode of the open door.

Relish – In Studio – Roadhouse Café with Ann-Marie Kelly

Relish are a rock duo composed of brothers Ken & Carl. They were joined by Darren Campbell at the start of the band until 2013. … Read More

Farmer Assaults

Have a listen to this episode of The Open Door to hear stories of crime against rural farmers and what to do next!

Living with a disability.

All leaders and living with MS, Cerebral Palsy and a stroke.

Sharon Treacy from Tullamore has been legally blind since the age of 18.

But that doesn’t stop her climbing mountains, travelling to India or even cycling on a tandem on the Conor Pass in Kerry!
Hear of her brilliant will to survive on this episode of the Open Door!


On the cusp of becoming a World Recognised Heritage site, we take a walk around the ancient monastic area and surrounds on this episode of the Open Door.

Living with 194 displaced people.

On this episode of The Open Door we find out what is it like living with 194 displaced people?
Meet the guys who are playing football and winning awards with Emo Celtic and a woman from Sudan who struggles to put on a smile for her daughter every day!

From 0k to 21k

Lough Boora Running Group are featured on this episode of the Open Door.
Hear from a man who started jogging in his 60s, a woman who went from 0 to 21k, tips on how to get started and about their first Half Marathon which will be held on April 1st.

“It’s Okay not to be Okay”…

The words of Ellen Momo.
She recalls moving to Fiji with her partner, adjusting to a different culture and then dealing with a hurricane which devastated their village. Now back in Ireland, she tells of how ‘tapping’, or the EFT technique, saved her life.

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