Even My 2 Year Old Calls her Donald Duck Character Donald Trump!

Written 2 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


(Well here’s another one, almost)

It took a bit of time away from my work to realise how much fear that those incessant Donald Trump headline creates.

Even my 2 year old, Mollie, calls her Donald Duck character Donal Trump. There she was playing with her little characters in her own little world and heard her call her Donald Duck character Donald Trump as she was holding onto him. And who could blame her? All she probably hears on the news in the background is Trump this, Trump that and of course our conversations have centred around the ‘Oranged’ man for over a year now.

So how do I create a Trump free zone on my Breakfast Show, answer below please!!!!

Can we Dump the Trump?? Yes we can!

So far one of my listeners suggested this

Fair play Ann-Marie – let news do the Trump talk while you dump the Trump! He’s not worth talking about!

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