Relish – In Studio – Roadhouse Café with Ann-Marie Kelly

Written 1 year ago by Angel Croitor

Relish are a rock duo composed of brothers Ken & Carl. They were joined by Darren Campbell at the start of the band until 2013. The trio have been playing together since the mid 90s and have now taken on the music world as a duo with Ken taking the helm of the band as the vocalist and guitarist with Carl taking charge of the drums, keyboard and accompanying vocals.

“The sound always changes for us – we want to be in a new place when doing a new album – each time we do a record it feels like we’re kind of getting closer to the heart of what we actually are.”

Ken tell us that they’re less concerned with what’s going on musically elsewhere in the world and are focusing on what they want for their future sound.

“We dont know what you’re doing – we like it.”

They remember signing with EMI and they say that the reason they sided with EMI Dublin because they gave them the creative freedom that the band needed to explore their sound. The duo say that things like that just don’t happen anymore.

Multiple labels came to their parent’s house to talk about record deals and word got around that they were receiving attention from so many but it made sense to the band to go with a label that wouldn’t stifle their growth.

Ken & Carl say that having the family move over to Northern Ireland from South Africa, where their parents grew up and fell in love, helped shape the experiences and success they’ve had up until now.

“I wonder if we were white guys would this just’ve been a bit easier for us in other territories – I think in Ireland, it’s gone the other way, I think it’s been advantageous.”

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