Win Your Height In Cash – Laois Shopping Centre

To celebrate 25 years, Laois Shopping Centre agreed to give TWO PEOPLE their height in cash.

'Win your height in cash’ SHATTERED Midlands 103 all-time records for the number of entries to a competition. We’ve had over 33,000 calls in less than two weeks plus over 1,300 Facebook entries.

25 people got through to the final in Laois Shopping Centre, and were split into 5 groups with 90’s names like "Boyz 2 Men", “The Simpsons” and "REM". They had to work together to guess the answers of our 1991 themed quiz. (Laois Shopping Centre opened in 1991).

Unfortunately within minutes, groups of people were eliminated but at Midlands 103 we aren't cruel enough to let them go home empty handed. Each contestant received vouchers and other prizes.

The final group to triumph through the competition rounds was “The Simpsons”. “The Simpsons” then had to battle it out against each other to guess a mash up of clips from songs from 1991. The person with the most answered correctly won. Martin Daniels and Jason Conroy representing Jane Dalton came out on top! Martin went home with a cool €1564 and Jason became €1702 richer. Congrats to both winners, we hope you enjoyed the day.