100km Walk Organised For This Bank Holiday Weekend – In Honour Of Conor O’Hagan

Written 3 months ago by Angel Croitor

On Friday the 3rd of May, at 9am, a very special walk will commence from Spanish Arch all the way to the King Tree on Charleville Castle Grounds, Tullamore. It will commemorate the free spirit and individual thinker that Conor O’Hagan was before he unfortunately passed away at the age of 25 under that very tree.

The walk will finish at 2pm Monday 6th where those who attend will move on to Joe Lee’s bar on Church Street for refreshments. You can donate to the two charities by clicking this link.

But who exactly was Conor O’Hagan? His father, Kieran O’Hagan, remembers him in today’s interview on Midlands Today with Hannah Murphy.

“Conor was born in 1991 – he was born with a genetic condition knew at the time as the George syndrome – more commonly known nowadays as 22q11. It’s a genetic condition – Conor was a twin but he was very sick from the word go.”

He suffered from a number of holes in the heart and a cleft palette to begin with. Kieran remembers Conor having a lot of operations during his infantile days – having open heart surgery at seven months old.

As he grew up Conor would eventually have issues with education. Around his teen years Conor began to truly feel the brunt of his mental health.

“He certainly didn’t believe there was anything wrong with him – he did everything he could to get away from those labels. At 18 he refused all help – he decided he didnt want any of that – he walked away from the family home, from any help, and went off to live his own life.”

Kieran says that Conor’s life became very chaotic around that time – even developing a major alcohol addiction that worsened as time went along. Conor dreamed of living outside of society’s ideals and standards.

“All the time you’re just hoping that he’ll see the light – but he doesn’t want to he was just happy with the life he was living.”

From Conor’s times on the streets of Cork and meeting his untimely demise in Tullamore in 2016, you can hear the full interview up above. You can also visit the website dedicated to Conor’s Walk by clicking this sentence.