5 Edenderry Teens Asked The Public To Fund Their Trip To Tenerife And This Is What Happened:

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Have you heard about the 5 Edenderry students who used Go Fund Me to fund their trip to Tenerife?

In a nutshell,  5 Leaving Cert students asked the public to fund a post Leaving Cert holiday to the beautiful Tenerife. Some people thought they were cheeky and others thought it was a brilliant idea.

Well, they hit their target! They’ve raised the €1000 they set out to, plus more! In fact they have raised nearly €400 more.

At this point there are probably many of you that think this extra 400 euro would be put towards extra partying in Tenerife. But in fairness to the five, they were not greedy. They are giving any extra money they raise to a very worthy cause.

Eanna Lowry was chatting to Will Faulkner this morning on Midlands Today about what has happened since they set up the Go Fund Me page.

Check it out below: