“He’s Not A Native Of Athlone” – Jacksepticeye’s Mum

Written 2 years ago by Angel Croitor

Two million euro in the bank from playing video games. Seán  McLoughlin, who goes under the name of Jacksepticeye on YouTube, has made sure to take his viral success and share it with his mother, Florrie McLoughlin from Ballycumber. We wanted to know what he’s up to and she was just the person to tell us how he made it to the top.

Seán’s schedule follows a rigorous daily upload of two videos per day. A play through of a trending game or a collaboration with other YouTube gaming giants means that his content can be spread out quite a bit should he have to go on a trip to complete a project via Disney or attend an event where he is a guest speaker. That being said – should he have somewhere to be that means his content must be scheduled before hand leading to hours and hours of work that needs to be done and dusted before he packs his bags and is away to work abroad.

Florrie informs us that Seán never had anything to do with technology when he was a youngster until he did two years of Music Technology and Production in Limerick IT. The third year wasn’t turning out as he wanted so he had taken a different path and came back to Athlone to do hotel and leisure management in college during which, while he was living in Ballycumber, he started uploading gaming and game review videos on YouTube. Now – almost 17 million followers strong – it has proven a direction Seán was destined for.

“I wish that they’d get the thing right that he’s not a native of Athlone.”

Florrie wanted to set the record straight that Seán only resided in Athlone for a while but it isn’t his hometown. That can be claimed by Ballycumber.

Even though we could say Seán needn’t worry about flying abroad on his trip he still has his expenses paid for by the sponsors whenever he attends conventions and expos which is simply part of any workforce. Despite flying business class and dining with some of the leading social media influencers in the world – he is as humble and as down to earth as he has always been Florrie assures us.