Laois Mum Says That Homeschooling Her Children Has Been A Brilliant & Stress Free Experience

Written 8 months ago by Angel Croitor

Emily Rainsford Ryan, from County Laois, says that the homeschool experience for her children has been brilliant and stress free!

“I’d heard somebody on the radio – she was talking about their life home educating down in Clare – I remember thinking ‘that sounds really lovely!’.”

One of her sons started going to a local school when they moved down to Galway and Emily says he felt really stressful.

Homework made her son very anxious and she describes it as a ‘battle’ to get him to school in the morning and to get his homework done.

“I was talking with his principle one day and I was saying ‘Im thinking of taking him out for a couple of months – maybe he just needs that developmental time where he’s not told what to do all the time’ and he said ‘I think that’s a brilliant idea’. So I took him out for six months and we never went back – it worked really well.”

Things such as getting up in the morning, having lunch when you like, and going at your own pace created a calm environment that everyone benefited from.

Emily doesn’t use a curriculum and facilitates the children’s education as their interest peaks at it’s own pace.

“I would’ve had a moment or several every single day where I was thinking ‘this is a giant experiment that’s going dreadfully wrong’ – then I would look at them and realise ‘they’re learning so fast’ and they dont even realise they’re learning.”

You can hear the full interview up above and discover how her children found their own path to college.