Westmeath Mother Urges Everyone To Donate To A Fundraiser For Crumlin Hospital

Written 8 months ago by Angel Croitor

A Westmeath mum is appealing to people to donate to the ‘Childhood Illness Takes Too Much’ campaign which is raising funds for Crumlin Hospital.

Clodagh O’Neill’s son, Albie, is alive today because of his first operation when he was only six days old. Nowadays, Albie is a happy four year old boy all thanks to the staff of Crumlin.

Midlands 103’s Mary-Kate Findon spoke to her about Albie’s surgery and the heart condition he was born with.

“He had one at six days old, one at six months old, and one at two and a half years old – other than that he’s had several interventions, keyhole surgeries, and procedures done to improve the condition of his heart as his body grew.”

Albie is in a “good place” from a day to day basis, his mum tells us, but eventually he will need a heart transplant. Clodagh says Crumlin will be there to hold their hands as long as they need it.

You can donate funds raised for the hospital right here: https://cmrf.org/stories/childhood-illness-takes-too-much

You can hear the full interview up above.