Longford Woman Reveals Anorexia Battle

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

If it wasn’t for her friends and family, Jessica McCaul would’ve lost her life to Anorexia. This week is Eating Disorders Awareness week and Jessica, being a See Change ambassador, is sharing her story.

“A lot of things got very hectic for me life wise – I experienced really bad bullying then my step dad took his own life – things just got a bit frantic.”

At the time, Jessica was struggling with anxiety but she didn’t realise that it was affecting her life in any way. She suffered at the hands of bullies until she lost all confidence in herself and dropped out of extra-curricular activities such as drama.

“If I were to go to the shop and have to get milk – I really wouldn’t want to do it and I’d put up a fight and get my brothers to do it.”

She was so afraid of her bullies that she’d get her mother to pick her up from school even though it was a reasonable walking distance away.

“When I’d look in the mirror I’d see everything I had to change – I hated my skin, I hated my hair, and I dont think I ever looked in the mirror and thought I was massively big or anything but I felt like if I was going to change everything else – then I had to lose weight.”

After that, Jessica slipped into a dangerous habit of not eating. She credits valiant acts from her friends such as approaching Jessica’s mother to raise their own concern over her weight loss.

“As things went on I lost more weight – I’ve had people asking me how did you lose weight, can you give me ideas on exercise – I’ve lost dramatic amounts of weight and you want to know how I did it? That was just the wrong thing to say – they were hyping up what I was doing to myself.”

On the other side, her family and friends were there keeping her in check by consistently pointing out how destructive her eating habits had become.

You can find out how Jessica eventually came to terms with her Anorexia and the emotional complexity behind the disorder in the full interview up above.