It Took Six Years For Lyme Disease To Completely Change My Life

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

Meet Helena Moore, a mother from Mullingar, who started to experience blurry vision and migraines in 2016 whilst at work. Initially she believed it was a sinus attack. Something that should’ve calmed down and sorted itself out.

Over the next few weeks the headaches would get stronger and stronger. Concerned, she attended her GP a week later.

“I had no history of migraines before that.”

After going through different options for pain management and migraine relief – nothing seemed to work. It began to get worse as time went by.

“I was getting a numbness in the left side of my face.”

Eventually, after numerous local GP visits, a hypothesis of Fibromyalgia, and lots of scans – a diagnosis was made by Dr. Martin Ruttledge in the Hermitage Medical Clinic as “Chronic Daily Headaches”.

“He said the nerves in the brain were causing all the problems – I was in chronic pain from my head down to my toes.”

Her pain was debilitating and her fatigue meant that slowly her regular lifestyle was slipping away from her. She could drive less and less, she couldn’t attend family meetings for long if at all, and she was sleeping more and more.

Her conditioned worsened and eventually she was transferred to St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin. The consultant looked over all of her tests and he didn’t know what to do to alleviate any of her pain or discomforts.

Helena struck lucky when she went for treatment through Kinesiology where her muscles were to be tested. It was on that very test that the possibility of Lyme Disease ever reared its head.

“We wanted to be 100% sure that it was Lyme Disease before we went any further. Through the muscle testing it pinpointed that I got bitten in Peru in 2010. It had lain dormant.”

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