A Laois Family Pays €178 Every Five Days To Treat Their Daughter’s Epilepsy

Written 2 months ago by Angel Croitor

Mary Claire Knowles is a three year old who’s family has battled in the last two years in order to get her the medicinal cannabis that could dramatically change her life.

“It’s a big difference – her speech especially – before Mary Claire, she’d blurt out a sentence, you’d be lucky to catch the last word of it – now she’s thinking about her words and concentrating, she’s sleeping better – she’s a lot more content with herself.”

Currently she is weening off of the other medication that Mary Claire was on for her epileptic attacks. Now – with a 10ml bottle at €178 and to be given twice daily – Mary Claire has a chance to leave County Laois with her family on random trips.

“Even going to Supermacs or McDonalds – the noise there triggers seizures for Mary Claire – she misses out on everything.”

Only two months ago, Mary Claire’s neurologist in Temple Street approved the use and the importation of medicinal cannabis due to the severity of her epilepsy.

Her father, Anthony Knowles, came on air with Hannah Murphy on Midlands Today to talk about the difference in her quality of life, the ongoing issue of medicinal cannabis in Ireland and the financial struggles facing the family. You can hear the full interview up above.