A Miraculous Recovery For A Westmeath Man That Almost Didn’t Happen

Written 3 months ago by Angel Croitor

On Thursday the 3rd of January, Cormac O Brennan was out surfing with some friends and decided to look at the rock pools.

His father, Paul, was in New York when he got a call from the police who told him Cormac was seriously injured and that a doctor would call to give him an update.

“They didn’t want me to see him straight away – his head was very swollen – he was connected to 13 or 14 tubes.” – Paul O’Brennan

He was told Cormac was in a bad condition and someone needed to get there immediately.

Paul booked a flight and on his way to the airport the hospital rang to ask if they could carry out an operation on Cormac’s skull to remove pressure. He agreed and found out just before he took the 30 hour journey (and three flights) that it had been successful. He was told Cormac was on life support and that he would be alive when he got there but couldn’t guarantee anything beyond that.

“They said ‘actually there is a chance this guy will survive – but what condition he is going to be in is unknown’.” – Paul O’Brennan

On that very day, Cormac fell 80 feet onto the rocks. His friends remember him being so badly injured that they didn’t know what way they could help him out as he began to choke on his blood.

“I don’t know why but the minute I was awake – I wanted to go back to work – it’s like I woke up in the middle of my bed at home.” – Cormac O’Brennan

You can hear the full interview up above and discover how Cormac managed to make a full recovery and what plans he’s already made for the future.