Ballyfin Native Noel Fitzpatrick & His New Book “Becoming The Supervet”

Written 3 months ago by Angel Croitor

Noel Fitzpatrick, better known as the Supervet, has released a new book called “Becoming The Supervet” which chronicles his life long love for animals and how to enrich their quality of life through his veterinarian career.

From countless heartbreaks, childhood bullying, and suffering from depression – the book is a deep dive into the makings of one of the greatest TV personalities.

But before he become known as the compassionate vet on Channel 4, he was battling with the idea of pursuing his other passion – drama. One way or another Noel managed to make it to the silver screen and enjoys a lavish career now consistently sharing his successful surgeries and trying times when a beloved pet just can’t be saved.

You can listen to the full interview up above.