Calls for Anti Touting Laws to be Fast Tracked

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Dermott Jewell from the Consumer’s Association of Ireland spoke to Will Faulkner about why so many people end up without tickets for the biggest concerts in Ireland.  The topic is back in the headlines after thousands of U2 fans have been left upset and annoyed after tickets to U2’s Joshua Tree tour sold out within seconds.  Minutes later tickets appeared on Ticketmaster’s sister site Seatwave for hundreds and thousands of Euro. Mr Jewell explained that while there are no laws on ticket touting, suggestions have been put forward but would not work, that there should be an outright ban on ticket touting internationally to combat the issue.

Screenshot from Seatwave showing two tickets on sale for over €2,300.

Fine Gael TD for Dublin’s North West Noel Rock has called on the government to put forward proposals to ban the selling of tickets over face value in a move to tackle the issue.  Unfortunately Mr Jewell believes it won’t be easy to reign in explaining that you’re not just up against humans, you’re up against bots that fill out the Ticketmaster forms online and purchase the tickets quicker than any person possibly could.

Listen to Dermott Jewell below: