Catching Up With The Heartwarming Family From Athlone On The Late Late Toy Show

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

1.2 million people watched the Late Late Toy Show last Friday night and they would’ve seen the two cousins that captured the nation and had everyone reaching for the big box of tissues.

Bernie, mother of Grace, tell us how much of a shock the whole experience was and what it took to save little Grace’s life.

“Grace was diagnosed with AML leukemia in 2016 – she done very well and went into remission but unfortunately she relapsed in August 2017. We need at that stage it was a bone marrow transplant that she needed.”

In 2016 they tested her siblings and unfortunately they weren’t a match for a bone marrow transplant. They put Grace on the live register and were anxiously awaiting for a donor.

When they tested Scott, Arlene’s son, for a match he was a ten out of ten.

So after a couple of rounds of chemo for Grace – they went through the procedure for the transplant. Scott underwent an hour long surgery in order to save his little cousins life.

“She still had a tough road but she’s doing great – she’s wonderful.”

Arlene was also available to come on air on Midlands Today to let us know how the little hero felt during the process.

“He flew it – next morning he was very pale and they were saying he probably needed a transfusion – but when they tested his blood they said he had it to spare and his bloods were flying – he was home that evening.”

Rob Kearney called Scott a ‘real life hero’ on The Late Late Toy Show and it truly showed on Scott’s face to hear that from his own heroes.

You can hear the full interview up above.