A Charity Race That Takes You Across The Globe, But There’s A Catch

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Have you ever heard of Beg Borrow Steal?  It’s a charity race held each year to raise money for a number of worthy causes.  Eva Kelly from Athlone was one participant this year.  She spoke to Will Faulkner about her experience on Midlands Today.

Eva Kelly and her team mate Sienna’s aim was to travel from Dublin to Rome using absolutely no money.   They could only depend on the generosity of others to get there.

To avoid cheating, there are check points the teams have to get to throughout their trip; the first was Tower Bridge in London.  Once the girls get to a check point they learn of their next destination.

Luckily the first of Eva’s flights to London was sponsored by Parcel Motel and Nightline.  The other money they raised in Dublin before leaving.

When they were in London they busked and danced to earn more cash for further flights and travelling.  They then bagged a flight to Milan. Eva described the Milan leg of the trip as the hardest as public transport was expensive.

Remember, Beg Borrow Steal is all about the race, whoever gets to their destination first wins.  Eva got to Rome with her team mate in an impressive 30 hours, but how did she get there?

Listen to Eva speak about how she managed to get from Milan to Rome: