Councils could soon DNA test your dog’s poo and prosecute you

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

“Did you literally go around and count the number of dog poos on the street?”

It’s the question Will Faulkner could barely bring himself to ask – and it all started in a place called Barking. You couldn’t make up what happens on The Midlands Today Show!

Gary Downie runs a company called StreetKleen, which has piloted a Dog DNA database with a UK council and cut the amount of fouling by half. “We had some baselines about the amount of waste three months prior to beginning the pilot”, to which Will asked if that meant walking around counting dog poos? “Not me personally but we did a lot of surveys.”


Once the DNA is registered on a database, authorities can use kits to test the ‘offending article’ and catch whoever is responsible. Mr Downie says there’s a lot of interest from county councils here in Ireland.

Find out more in the audio below: