Does Laois’ Fittest Family Ever Have A Takeaway?

Written 7 months ago by Angel Croitor

The heat is on for the McDonald’s Family from County Laois as they made it onto final. Will they be crowned Ireland’s Fittest Family? Only time will tell but we caught up with Kate McDonald, one of four participants in the team, to give us the scoop on how tough it’s been so far and what awaits them!

“It’s brilliant – we have so much support. Nothing but well wishes, phone calls and texts!”

The most difficult challenge so far, Kate says, was the balance beams. Breda, her sister, and Kate had to jump down off two shipping containers, over a six foot wall, run across the balance beam, and carry back 18 sandbags to Cian, their brother, who would throw up the sandbags to their father Martin. We’re already sweating just typing that out!

Otherwise, they’ve been breezing through the competition with ease.

So – seeing themselves on the television must mean that they’ve had to found some downtime to take in the limelight and let’s be honest probably just judge their performance and take notes on how they can improve. We’d say they’ve had a few takeaways as a little treat, as you do.

Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no takeaways to be had in the McDonald’s house. Not a single chipper, deliciously greasy pizza, or even a spicebag between them. So, lads, what do you replace all that lost energy with?

“Brown bread – plenty of brown bread.”

Brown bread? Right… that’s where we leave it so, you can hear the full interview up above. The night of the final will be this Sunday and the family will be down in Whelan’s Bar & Lounge in Ballyroan. They won’t spoil the ending for you by the way – they’re contractually obliged!