From 20 Pence to 1000s Of Euro – One Woman From County Offaly Strikes Lucky!

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

“People actually thought that 1890s coins are the most valuable – but the 1985 20pence piece was an unusual coin – they were minted to test the mint out – they were supposed to go back in and be melted down.” – Sean Eacrett of Sean Eacrett Auction Rooms

Mary from Edenderry found a 20pence in her press and was listening to Midlands 103 last Wednesday when she heard that 20p coin will be auctioned off in Whytes in Dublin on April 6th.

She checked the coin immediately and discovered the 1985 stamp on it.

Mary describes the coin as in “very good condition” and says that she rediscovered the coin purely by chance.

You can hear the full interview up above.