Garda Sergeant vows to prosecute drivers in County Offaly who have this BAD habit

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

We’ve all been there. You’re driving along a country road on a dark winter evening, rain lashing against the windscreen and pedestrians barely visible by the verge. Then you’re dazzled by an oncoming car with fog lights and headlights at full glare. Blinded in that instant, you could easily hit the pedestrians.

An exasperated Sergeant Graham Kavanagh has been telling Will Faulkner how it seems to be a particular problem in County Offaly. “It’s a little pet hate for me. I’ve been going around Offaly in the evening time meeting IFA groups and it’s really only hitting home how bad we are, in Offaly particularly, when we’re driving along the roads using fog lights and high beams. Oncoming drivers are being blinded.”


When challenged by Will that it’s a nationwide problem, Sergeant Kavanagh said his observation is backed by research from the Road Safety Authority.

“Out of common sense, decency and safety, your main beam can be seen for up to half a mile away so think about other users. If you can’t see the road as normal without high beams on, you might need to go to the optician to get your eyes tested!”

Hear what happened when Will demanded to know how Gardaí will deal with the problem.