GoFundMe For A Baby Graiguecullen Girl With Rare Condition

Written 3 months ago by Angel Croitor

Evie Nolan’s family need your help. The five month old baby was born with a very rare condition – a cystic hygroma. Wikipedia describes it as:

A cystic hygroma is a fluid-filled sac that results from a blockage in the lymphatic system . It is most commonly located in the neck or head area, but can be located anywhere in the body. It may be discovered in a fetus during a pregnancy ultrasound , or it may be apparent at birth as a soft bulge under the skin.

The condition itself compresses Evie’s airway which means she has to be fitted with a tracheotomy to ensure she can breathe.

Now – the family are in desperate need of your help to give Evie a better quality of life.

You can donate here or visit the GoFundMe page by clicking this sentence.

You can hear about her condition in full, the issues that they’ve been battling since birth, and what the procedure will mean to Evie and her family should it prove successful – all in full in the above interview.