Growing Up Mixed Race In Ireland

Written 7 months ago by Angel Croitor

Yasmin Biriah, born in the UK but moved to Athlone in Count Westmeath, says that growing up in Ireland seemed exciting before the big move but upon arriving here discovered that growing up in a new country would be difficult with making new friends and adapting to new cultures despite being so close geographically.

So what is it like, first hand, to move to Ireland in a time where she was part of the only mixed race family around the area?

“We were the only family in the whole area that was actually mixed race – a lot of kids were nice but there was a good bit of bullying.”

She says that on the bus to school she would be called racist names. When asked if she was ever supported and defended by her fellow classmates she says that back at that age it wasn’t really the first thing that came into the equation.

“Why are some kids treating me like normal but there was other kids who would call me names?”

Her blog, MUCH LOVE XOX, talks about her experience growing up a different skin colour in Ireland, the advances that have taken over the country and created a better society, and hopes to expand the blog into something that her peers are interested in subscribing and keeping up with.

You can hear the full interview up above.