Have You Considered Fostering? Here’s Why You Should!

Written 4 months ago by Angel Croitor

Theresa Connolly didn’t expect to foster around 30 children in her life time but one tragic event meant that a whole new side of life opened up right before her eyes.

“I lost a friend in a road traffic accident and we were approached to see if it would be something we would consider – it certainly would’ve been on our horizon but not as quick as it occured.”

Her own children, who were 12 and 8 at the time, took on her friend’s daughter and enjoy it caring and nurturing for her as if they were her own.

“From there on we didn’t foster for a number of years – we wouldn’t have known that child and it would’ve been different because it’s a stranger coming in.”

It worked out well and her own children were very understanding of the new style of life.

You can hear her admirable work with fostering and her insights into how fostering has been one of the best decisions of her life in the interview up above.