Having To Use The Bathroom Sixty Times A Day For Ten Years

Written 7 months ago by Angel Croitor

Sean Mahon, from Edenderry in County Offaly, was 12 years old when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. A diagnosis that came in right on the verge of becoming a teenager.

Throughout the last ten years Sean had to use the bathroom up to 60 times a day. His day to day life was always looking for a toilet and a constant fatigue due to the disease’s nature to turn your own body against you.

When asked what severity the level of his condition was in relation to the average Crohn’s patient he says:

“Mine was off the scale – the day I was diagnosed I was told by the time I was 40 I’d have to have an operation but the disease got so out of control it happened not even 10 years later.”

On October 17th, 2017 Sean underwent his life changing operation. He says he’s “nearly Crohn’s free at the moment”.

His recovery wasn’t great, Sean tells us, such as wounds not healing and being in and out of hospital with infections. He was so sick during the operation that his body wasn’t able to recover the way it normally should’ve.

It’s only now in the last month of 2018 that he feels as if he’s back to himself.

“It took me over a year – my body couldn’t fight anything at all, all because of this Crohn’s – it takes away your whole life.”

Sean was diagnosed so young that it had a lasting impact on his life. He was embarassed to admit any of his disease as it’s understandably not the coolest thing to talk about your bowels with your mates.

He currently has no symptoms of Crohn’s, he doesn’t have to take any medication, and yet he had the worst case of Crohn’s possible. He had it from his mouth all the way to through his bowels. The disease is technically “redundant” but it still exists somewhere within his body.

“It could come back – I got the short end of the stick.”

The difference in his day to day life is incomparable. He finally feels like a normal human again.

“If somebody says do you want to go shopping or do you want to come get food I don’t have to google where the toilet is there – I can just get up in the morning and go somewhere.”

You can listen to Sean’s incredible transformation back into a regular human being in full up above.