I Witness My Friend Collapse & Become Unresponsive In A Matter Of Minutes

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

22 year old Paul Connaughton was out playing tag rugby with his friend Kieran Cleary in Durbarry Park, Athlone.

It was on that evening, June 14th, 2018, that Paul witnessed Kieran collapse to the ground and become unresponsive.

“Myself and Kieran grew up together – we were working together that day. Kieran was always full of life.”

On that particular day the two lads played two matches. It was during this second game that Kieran started to complain about a headache.

“We stopped for a moment by the water to get a drink – I stopped to talk to someone for a couple of moments and Kieran walked on with the rest of the team – two minutes later his younger brother started shouting.”

That’s when Paul noticed a crowd was gathering and Kieran’s younger brother, Conor, urged Paul to get over to them. When he got over to the crowd, Kieran was on his knees vomiting. Paul asked him if he was alright and Kieran simply replied with a thumbs up.

“We said we’d start the match so we could take the pressure off of people watching him – within two minutes later he was getting progressively worse.”

Paul approached Kieran and asked if he was okay. Paul says that the blank expression that he saw take over Kieran’s face gave them the inkling they needed to know something has gone terribly wrong.

“You could see it on his face he was terrified – he knew something was amiss. It’s not something you’re used to seeing.”

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