Irish Women the Most Likely in the World to Drink While Pregnant New Study Claims:

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

A new study has claimed that Irish women are the most likely in the world to drink whilst pregnant. According to the Study, Irish women top the list with 6 in 10 Irish women admitting to consuming alcohol while pregnant. Second on the list is Belarus and in fourth place are our neighbours in the UK.

Dr Mary McDonnel Naughton, a lecturer at the department of Nursing and Healthcare at the Athlone Institute of Technology was speaking to Will Faulkner on Midlands Today this morning. Mary thinks Irish ladies need to accept that you should not drink at all whilst pregnant.

She explains the “Risk of Fatal Alcohol Syndrome is really very high” for those who drink when expecting, and that a lot of babies are born with problems because alcohol consumed when they were in the womb.

Dr. Naughton is pleading with people to “reiterate the message” that women should not drink at all when pregnant.
Have a full listen of interview below:

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