Jack To The Rescue – How One Dog’s Past Came In Handy

Written 1 month ago by Angel Croitor

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of one of the best boys around the land.

We’re talking of course of Jack, the dog, who stood by his owner Pat’s side when he fell into a ditch during a late evening walk.

Pat rang 999 and needed rescuing as the ditch was quite deep.

“Apparently Jack sat on the road were Pat was and the Gardai said they would’ve actually drove past only for Jack sitting there.”

Even when help had arrived, Jack made sure not to move until Pat was in the ambulance.

“I said well how can we make him actually legally ours – she said unfortunately he has to go into the pound for 10 days.”

Wouldn’t you know it, his owner Melanie Brennan, told us that Jack was a rescue dog all along.

Hear all about Jack’s story from stray out in the wild to a family pet, up above in the full interview.