LGBT Ireland Is Hosting Workshops Available For Teachers & Youth Workers

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

Are you a teacher or a youth worker? Do you work with young people at one point or another? If you’ve had concerns about how to best approach or respond to a teenager who is questioning their sexuality or looking to confide in you with their own sexual identity then this is for you.

LGBT Ireland are hosting workshops in the midlands to answer any questions you may have about this.

Midlands 103’s Mary-Kate Findon went to a seminar in the Midlands Park Hotel to give us a snapshot of the most important messages. There will be another seminar in the Bridge House in Tullamore if you’d like to go and speak to the organisers themselves.

Clive Davis, regional director of Youth Work Ireland in Laois, summed it up like so:

“It was said that they didn’t feel that they were supported in schools – when I went and spoke to some of the youth workers and spoke to the teachers – their lack of information was down to a fear of saying the wrong thing – that brought us to the conclusion that we would have a training for teachers, youth workers, and volunteers working with young people.”

You can hear the full interview and more information about the training days up above.