Listener Gives Her Honest View of Donald Trump To Will Faulkner

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

President of the United States Donald Trump is still the topic of choice on Midlands Today, Will Faulkner asked his listeners to phone in and voice their own personal opinion on the matter.

Debbie from Mullingar spoke to Will on the show today about her thoughts on Enda Kenny visiting the White House on St. Patrick’s Day and her view on U.S President Trump.

Debbie called Enda Kenny a “hypocrite” if he travels to Washington for St. Patrick’s Day.  She mentioned that An Taoiseach “said all sorts about him when he was campaigning”.  She found it hypocritical that he was one of the first to congratulate him after he got elected, especially since Kenny called him racist and sexist in the media.

Debbie brought up the “Shamrock for Trump, not in my name” campaign which has surfaced online and has accumulated 30,000 signatures within the last 48 hours.  She does not want Kenny presenting Trump with our national emblem, the shamrock.  Debbie also believes Enda Kenny will not go over and express what she thinks is the view of the Irish people.

Will Faulkner questioned her about whether most Irish people feel badly about Trump and his policies. She was entirely sure of Ireland’s majority outlook of U.S President Trump was not a positive one.

Debbie believes many people voted for Trump through fear.  Faulkner brought up how people in Britain also feel the same with Brexit now in process and Front Nationale a right wing party in France now gaining traction.

Faulkner also points out that our own government has travel concerns for a majority of those countries Trump imposed the 90 day ban on, and advise citizens not to travel there.

Debbie believes Trump should put things across better, she brings up the old phrase “catch flies with honey”.  She says Muslim people are peace loving but worries he is “getting their backs up” because of his attitude, and it will lead to more extremism.

Finally Debbie thinks Enda Kenny “doesn’t have the guts to stand up to Donald Trump”.  She wants An Taoiseach to present the shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day to the American people as an example.