Meet The Campaigners Vying For A Change In Adoption Information Rights

Written 2 months ago by Angel Croitor

One woman from Tullamore in County Offaly is part of a bigger group campaigning to give adoptees their own information on Health, Heritage and History, and acknowledgement of their Identity Rights.

Maree Ryan-O’Brien was adopted in the 70s and has a particular reason for fighting this good fight.

“I take two tablets every morning and I have to take them – I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition at 29 that’s heriditary. I did not have medical information, my doctors did not have medical background on me as an adult to be able to render an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner – it progressed past what it should’ve. I lived with that everyday. It has nothing to do with anybody else’s right to privacy. It has to do with my own right to health, right to my heritage, and my own right to knowledge of my own history.”

This is one of the largest arguments in aid of Aitheantas‘ campaign. For the last couple of days, the group have been lobbying senators about the Adoption Informationa and Tracin Bill of 2016 outside Leinster House.

You can hear the full interview up above and visit their website right here: