Mother Of Disabled Child Brought To Tears By The Appaling Condition Of Kolbe Special School Site

Written 9 months ago by Angel Croitor

Everyone else’s child enjoys a state of the art brand new school but yours doesn’t. Your child must go to a school where there are cold and damp refabs with an outside toilet.

Geneviève Finane-Fagan, from Portlaoise, has a 12 year old daughter who suffers from epilepsy, a genetic disease, and severe non-verbal autism.

“It’s a very old building – 5 out of 7 little buildings is completely prefrabricated – some of the prefabs you have to go outside to get to them.”

Geneviève speaks about the available P.E. hall which can’t be used as it’s full up of equipment for the children that need wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

Lucy, her daughter, has no toilet within her classroom or near to her classroom. She has to go through the main building, outside and down the yard to go to another classroom that does have the toilet. She has suffered from three kidney infections as due to her severe anxiety she is holding it in.

“It’s the only school in this area for children like this – the teachers are just fantastic – but if they go to do something with our children in school they have to move tables, chairs out of the way so they can get something done – it’s really dangerous in there at the minute.”

When Lucy started five years ago they were told by the principal that they hope to have the new school up and running as soon as possible but she says “they haven’t even got a new prefab since Lucy started”.

“My one child, who can’t speak, has to go to this building everyday – I have pack clothes in case it’s going to be colder – if we get another winter like last winter that school isn’t going to survive it and Lucy is going to end up at home with nowhere to go – we have nothing to fall back on.”

You can hear the full interview up above.