Mountrath Mum Worries For Future With ADHD Son

Written 7 months ago by Angel Croitor

Ashley Senton, mother of 10 year old Bradley who has been diagnosed with ADHD, wants your help. She wants to know where she can receive the intervention and the support for a child with his particular special needs.

“At the moment he’s only going for an hour a day to school in a special EBD unit.” Bradley was officially diagnosed in 2015 but Ashley has been looking for help with his behavioural problems since 2012.

Her concerns began when he showed a lack of concentration, unsettled in his seat during Junior Infants. As this escalated, he was eventually diagnosed and moved to a special autism service in in Portlaoise. They used reward charts, timeouts from class, even a sensory diet plan but Ashley feels none of the strategies worked for Bradley.

“The tried their best but there was only so much – it came to health and safety concerns of him trying to run out of the school and starting to display more aggressive behaviours as he got older.”

Bradley now attends an ADHD unit in Two-Mile Borris in Thurles, over 40 minutes from his home, where smaller class sizes facilitate weekly activities such as horse riding and swimming, helping children with attention deficits. However, his frustrations would soon resurface in the group setting.

“He would’ve struck a child or struck a teacher. I didn’t want him to lose his school placement after this school placement there is no school.”

As a result, Bradley spends one hour a day with one teacher by himself and Ashley feels conflicted by his isolation. “He needs social interaction but the protection of other kids needs to come into place as well, where the school is concerned.”

Ashley worries for Bradley’s future, as he becomes older and stronger, if the correct intervention doesn’t happen.

You can hear the full interview up above. Are you in a similar situation? What services do you know of that Ashley & Bradley would benefit from? Let us know at [email protected]