Singer Mundy Was Ready to Walk From Masterchef on Day One

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Birr singer-songwriter Mundy speaks to Will Faulkner on Midlands Today about his Masterchef experience.

Mundy explains he thought he only signed up to the amount of time he would be cooking.  He described the days as long with the added pressure of cooking under the clock. He said “there was a lot more to it than you would have taken into consideration”.

His pet peeve in the Masterchef studio was the touch sensitive hob which turned on or off at the slightest touch when you didn’t want it to.  He goes onto say “there was a lot to drive you nuts”.

All is not lost for his love of cooking, Mundy describes cooking as a meditative experience and says it has a grounding effect especially while listening to music.

Masterchef Ireland is on TV3 tonight at 10pm, we can’t wait to see the latest from the kitchen.

Listen to Mundy and Will chat below: