My 13 Year Old Daughter Was Asked To Send Nude Photos

Written 9 months ago by Angel Croitor

Barbary Smyth had to deal with an issue parents before the smartphone generation rarely had to deal with. Her 13 year old daughter was asked to send nude photos of herself to boys of the same age.

“I was completely taken aback – I said sure she’ll only 13 years of age – she looked at me like I hadn’t a clue what was going on.”

She says that this has been going on across the whole country and it isn’t something concentrated to one incident or area.

“From my experience it’s on Snapchat – you might build up an online relationship with them and you trust them – then they might ask you to share a photo of yourself.”

Barbara wants parents to sit down and explain the dangers of such acts to their own children.

She found out through her older daughter that her 13 year old was going through this. Barbara explained that it isn’t normal to share such photos – highlighting that once these images are out there they are most likely out there forever.

“What I had to explain to her was – you dont know who’s going to take screenshots, who’s going to share them with who – it was a realisation for her.”

You can hear the full interview up above.