“My Life Would Be Complete To Wake Up & Go Out To Her In Her Bedroom And For My Boys To Go And Say Good Morning Mammy”

Written 2 months ago by Angel Croitor

One man from Tullamore is desperate for home help from the HSE to bring his wife home from the hospital and to care for her.

Joanne O’Connor has been in Tullamore Hospital for two years after suffering at the hands of a brain hemorrhage.

“I’ve attended the hospital everyday – we are fighting to get Joanne home. We were told Joanne would be home by the 1st of April. We were told, because of lack of correspondance, it never came to fruition.”

Her husband, Tommy, spoke to Will Faulkner on Midlands Today about Joanne’s desire to come home and their constant struggle to see it come true.

“I’ve a young kid that I come home to everyday and they say ‘dad is mammy coming home tomorrow?’ and I say no – to see the pain that’s in their eyes – it’s not nice. All we’re asking for is to make a decision. In the beginning Joanne wanted six people for home help – but in our family, we only need two. That’s a massive cost efficiency cut.”

Tommy says that it only takes one person to sign one piece of paper with himself in order to get Joanne home but still the family get no answer.

When Joanne turned fifty years of age recently, she was allowed home for a few hours. When she had to return back to the hospital Tommy says: “The tears in that woman’s eyes were indescribable – this family is falling apart.”

You can hear the full interview and the daily battle the family persist through to see a mother and a wife back in her home.