Pest Control with Ciarán Lambert.

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Ciaran Lambert of Lambert Pest Control was on Midlands Today this morning giving advice about pest control. He tackled two pests in particular, rats and bed bugs.

This time of year the cold can drive vermin into the house Ciaran explains. There are some very noticeable differences between mice and rats:

Rats can be very difficult to catch. The best way to catch them is using rat traps as opposed to poisoning them. When a rat is poisoned it can go anywhere to die. The stench of a dead rat Ciarán explains is unbearable. If you cannot find the rat when it dies you will be left with the smell in your house for a long time. Also according to Ciarán, peanut butter is brilliant for attracting rats into traps:

Another pest this time of the year that is getting very common is the bed bug. These little parasites drink your blood when you are asleep and are very difficult to kill:

So what do you think? Have you any tips for eliminating bed bugs and rats or any other common pests in the Midlands?

Let us know.