Raising Awareness For National Arthritis Week With Two Ladies From The Midlands

Written 5 months ago by Angel Croitor

Two women from the Midlands came into our studio to raise awareness of a degenerative disease that we’re all too familiar with around the country.

This week is Arthritis Week around the country and Germain Montgomery from Castlepollard and Martina Grace from Daingean came in to share their experiences to highlight how debilitating these disease can be to an average lifestyle.

At the age of 13 Germaine had to wait four months to get a diagnosis for the pain that started in her left wrist and later attacked the joints all over her body. When she was sent to Our Lady’s Hospital twice they didn’t know what could be wrong.

Many people believed that Germaine had been faking it for attention and this led to her hiding her swollen joints and retracting from letting others know of her pain.

She says when she finally got a diagnosis it was an absolute relief.

Martina Grace first got symptoms of her Fibromyalgia in her early 20s and similarly to Germaine started to feel pains and aches in her muscles. This was coupled with an immense fatigue that came from a lack of a proper night’s sleep as your writhing and turning in pain.

15 years ago her doctor retired her to keep her from further degenerating her lifestyle.

Both women have their lives changed and shaped around their diseases. Nontheless, you can hear in full above how they’ve managed to cope through it all.