Rural Community in Offaly Fighting Back Against Crime

Written 2 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

Signposts for gangs: Criminals are sending scouts to mark property especially in rural areas.  These signs have been spotted in Clonaslee in County Laois.  They are a hexagon shape with x’s written in chalk outside the property.

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Brendan Kelly from Killoughey, County Offaly decided to create a neighbour watch group to combat robberies in his area in October 2015. The co-founder of a group called “Night Watch” speaks to Will Faulkner about the patrols around his locality every night.

In Mr Kelly’s area, diesel and farm tools were the most common items taken, thieves take advantage of the early hours of the morning to commit their crimes.  One night they found a vehicle used by the thieves packed with stolen goods.

Since the Night Watch group started there have been no robberies, the group patrol from dawn to dusk giving people peace of mind.  If they see anything unusual they phone the Gardaí straight away.

Mr Kelly mentioned that the group are entirely voluntary, and everyone involved is highly committed to the project. He comments saying they are; “just making the place safer to live in”.

Should this movement be replicated throughout your area or perhaps the entire country?

Listen to the interview below: