Star Of Glenroe Shares Her Secret To Weight Loss Success

Written 4 weeks ago by Angel Croitor

Do you remember Mary McEvoy who used to be on Glenroe?

Today, she was on air with Will Faulkner to tell us how she dropped from a size 18 to 10/12 with support from lighterlife.

“Almost exactly a year ago, 17th of May last year, I was coming home from doing a public experience with a pizza and a tub of hagendas in the back of the car for my usual post-social anxiety feast. I was fed up with my weight but I wasn’t really thinking about it – I saw a sign for lighterlife as I came into Mullingar and I said no no no that’s not for me. I went home and the next morning I turned on the telly and someone else was talking about Lighterlife in England – this is a kind of a sign. ”

She tells us that most of the time she would self-medicate with food and that meant that any social occassion, any low moments in life, and any excuse whatsoever meant she would reach out to food for comfort. Something all of us know far too well – but what was the secret to her weightloss journey, where so many have fallen and stayed down for good?

You can hear the full interview up above.

“I’m doing work I enjoy, I’m saying yes to stuff I would never say yes to.”

Now, Mary McEvoy enjoys a life full of fun endeavours and courage all thanks to her diet and support from Lighterlife. She is now an ambassador for the company.