The Only Martial Arts Centre Of It’s Kind In Ireland

Written 1 month ago by Angel Croitor

Meet Alan Kane, head instructor for Haidong Gumdo, in the only martial art’s centre of it’s kind in Ireland and it’s situated in the town of Mullingar, County Westmeath.

Haidong Gumdo is a korean form of sword martial arts and Alan has over 30 years of general martial arts experience.

“I was handed a martial arts suit when I was 12 and told to go and start training in martial arts – that’s just what we do in my family.”

Alan has trained in Kenpo Karate for 15 years, Kendo (a japanese sword martial art), and Okinawan Weapons.

“I was really fascinated with the weapons arts and from there I found Haidong Gumdo.”

He goes on to tell us that there is a spiritual aspect to the martial art, not just the physical benefit of exercise. Alan says that with every cut of the sword in the dojo you cut away aspects of yourself that don’t fall in line with your desires.

There are over 1600 training centres in the world but only one in Ireland! Alan says that he’d love to see the martial art take off and to open up more training centres across Ireland.

His own training centre has been making waves internationally as they’ve returned from the UK with 15 medals – seven gold, three silver, and five bronze in the first ever UK Haidong Gumdo Championship.

“People are coming to learn the skills, the relaxation, building their physical body – children get a great deal in controlling their mind. When you come into train, as soon as you put a sword in hand – you can’t think about Minecraft or anything else.”

He also works in a pain relief clinic at

The Haidong Gumdo Training Centre is located in Mullingar, beside TK Maxx in Penneys at the Fairgreen Centre.