Tullamore Solicitor Praised for Her Commitment to Harrowing Case

Written 2 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

A solicitor from Tullamore, County Offaly has been praised in the High Court for her commitment to a particularly harrowing case.  Midlands 103 reporter Michael Brophy interviewed Mary Carolan of the Irish Times about the case for Midlands Today.

An elderly woman with serious physical disabilities was discovered living in what has been described as “squalid” conditions.

Solicitor Maria Dillion from JD Solicitors & Co. became committed to helping the woman with her affairs. The elderly woman is now in a ” state of the art” nursing home and in the care of professionals.

Dillion revealed the disturbing living conditions the woman was subjected to.  Rats had eaten doors and walls within the house, while there were remnants of food left everywhere.  Rats even destroyed a large quantity of cash the elderly lady had hidden in the house, the money was badly damaged and only a small portion could be retrieved due to the condition it was in.

The judge gave high praise to Maria Dillion, he credited her and stated she “went beyond the call of duty”.  They said “she showed high commitment to the elderly lady”.

Listen to Mary Carolan speak about the case further: