Visually Impaired Laois Student Makes Irish Wrestling History

Written 9 months ago by Angel Croitor

Jordan Percy won a silver medal at the Irish Open Wrestling Championship. He did so – with a visual impairment making it a historical event.

His interest in wrestling began when he was walking through a corridor in school and accidentally got a punch to the face. He was trying to make his way to the crowd and didn’t notice the fight going on. After that – it simply occured – that he may one day want to take up a self-defence class or sport. Before this Jordan was often embedding himself in technology and gadgets.

His mother, Tracy Percy, spoke to the National Council for the Blind in Portlaoise about any coach that would be interested in training a group of visually impaired children for themselves. That’s when they found Mirek Stankiewicz – a coach from Portlaoise Wrestling Club.

“It’s not just visual impairment – he’s actually training people with down syndrome, with autism – he has not segregated anything he’s said ‘lads if you’re going to wrestle you’re going to wresle one on one’.”

You can hear the full interview, how Jordan entered the competition, and how he made Irish Wrestling history up above.