“Your dead sister would be ashamed of you” – Athlone Senator blasts internet trolls

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


will in studio

Working in the public eye requires a thick skin, especially for politicians, but what remarks cross the line of acceptable behaviour? Athlone Senator Gabrielle McFadden this morning told Will Faulkner that “keyboard warriors” take no prisoners and would readily pass remarks about her late sister, Nicky.

“But surely somebody has accosted you on the street too”, asked Will. “Yes, obviously”, she replied, “I took a hard time for water charges and auterity measures but people would say it to me straight.”

“My office was open Monday to Friday when I was on a TD. Nobody ever came in and abused me from the street and yet they were on Facebook tearing me to shreds.”

Listen as Will challenges whether criticism is part of the job and if censorship is a healthy alternative: