Are Citroen about to cause an upset in the small car market?

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


You wouldn’t think so but there’s a war happening and it has nothing to do with Mister T in the USA. It’s much more to do with the French versus the Germans again.
The Germans have been ruling the roost with the small cars and most of the small stuff ends up as rental cars, there’s surprisingly few that end up sitting in a driveway.
We have been overlooking the small cars because they were too small to accommodate a family and they were just bland to look at. I mean a VW Polo is a great car but if you buy one in silver you’ll soon loose it when next out shopping.
Enter the Citroen C3 that doesn’t look like a small car, it looks like a big car that you’re viewing through binoculars. The front is wide and very handsome, you might think it has a chin. The side profile is just as good but I will admit that the rear look is still a little on the reserved side but I can get over that because the boot is big.
The interior is best in class with the perfect amount of colours and textures to keep the eyes happy while still maintaining enough storage for all the stuff you need in the daily driver.There is a glove box that manages to be just about big enough for gloves and that’s it, Citroen put the fuse box in there for years and it still gets me that they haven’t moved it somewhere else just so the box can be used by the passenger.
Citroen did a great job with the C3 but you do need to choose carefully with the engine and gearbox line up. My test car came with a 1.6ltr diesel unit that pulled well but when combined with Citroen’s own gearbox it did feel like a slow experience. The gearbox has such a long throw and feels rather weak I would much rather the six speed that comes in from BMW, it has a much sharper edge although it might not be available in this combination.
With prices starting at €15,490 there’s a stylish car in the range for every pocket, just watch those options because they ramp up the price fairly quickly.

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