More space in the car, meet the Spacetourer

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


Under normal circumstances, vans are for builders and delivery people. There are some exceptions to this rule but unless you want to run a Taxi on the weekend most vans are bad for the daily commute and so when Citron asked if I’d like to test the Spacetourer I thought they meant that I would be heading off to the ISS for the week.
Sadly that never happened, instead I got to drive around in a van. As it turned out that wasn’t a bad thing as the Spacetourer is a really comfy place to be sitting for the daily drive.
Most vans are nice to sit in, they are mostly designed for comfort these days but space is just as important.
As you can see in the video above the Spacetourer isn’t short on space or touring and there’s room enough for eight adults and all their stuff in the back. In the standard boot there’s a bit of an issue with not having any way to contain the items from rolling around the floor. Actually, there’s room enough for some items to roll off up the cabin. You could quickly find a tin of beans in the drivers footwell if you hit the brakes hard enough.
With prices starting at €39,800 it’s quite an investment and really only for those who need something this big but there’s no doubt that Citroen have the best looking van on the market at the moment.