The Skoda Octavia vRS is just as clever

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


Skoda have the tag “simply clever” and there isn’t all that many companies out there that can stand over their tag lines without blinking an eye. That ‘simply clever’ seems to extend all across the range of Skoda but it’s always the Octavia that comes to my mind when there’s a clever in the simply.
The Octavia has been the backbone of the Skoda range for a long time now and Skoda might be pushing Kodiak and Superb lately but they know that Octavia just can’t be ignored. It’s when you get into the seats of a Skoda that it all starts to make sense. Everything is still mostly manual and by that I mean the heating controls, volume controls and even the handbrake. It’s so rare to have a stick that you pull instead of the auto handbrake that I almost let the Octavia roll away a couple of times.

Michael Moore Skoda

It’s this manual feeling that I like, it’s mature and confidant but it also shows that Skoda appeals to the more mature market who aren’t interested in the latest gadget on the market. I suppose that’s why Skoda are still a very appealing brand for Taxi drivers, they just want a comfortable car that works 24 hours a day.
The Octavia vRS is a very different prospect. Firstly, do you say the ‘V’ in vRS or is it just RS with a silent ‘V’? In the UK it’s ‘V’RS and everywhere else it’s a Skoda Octavia RS but whatever you call it the RS the fastest car Skoda make for the retail market.
While it’s difficult to think of the RS in terms of fuel economy theirs is an argument to be had that it’s more economical over a short run than a diesel. I’d tend to agree here as I kept it in Sport mode all week and get a decent 6.5ltrs per 100kms over that time.
The RS is certainly worth the extra that you’ll pay for the RS badge. It’s around three and a half thousand Euro more than the diesel model which has 184bhp, the RS has 230bhp and that’s a bigger number therefore it’s better.
I totally enjoyed the time I had with the Skoda and, come to think of it, I always do enjoy a Skoda. I’m not sure what it is about the cars that they put out but they just seem to make cars that I’d be happy to own and that includes the Skoda Citigo which is the smallest car that they make.

Michael Moore Skoda

The Octavia range starts at €18,995 and PCP plans start at €219
Finance example: Octavia 1.2 tsi 86bhp
On the road price €19,595.00
Deposit €5,740.42
Optional final payment (or GFV) €7,598.00
Term (months) 36
Cost of credit €1,273.78 APR 3.9% Monthly Payment including 3-years servicing €219