The 308 GTI lives up to that pedigree

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly



Peugeot have quite a pedigree. We all forget that there’s so many great cars in their history, the 205 GTI starts it off in 1984. This is a car that could beat anything on the road or even on the track, nothing could touch this car which also meant that there’s really none of them left. Most of them ended up in hedges up and down the countryside or scrapped because they were driven to bits.

There’s also the 505 GTI which was a mad attempt at making a fast saloon in 1979, it had no problem getting up to speed but stopping was an entirely different matter. Peugeot put many different engines into the GTI with 1.8, 1.9 and the little 1.6. They tried lifting the roof off the 205 to make a cabriolet and that sold well with the 1.6 GTI engine. Various attempts at making 309, 405 and 106 GTI didn’t pay off because the Germans and Japanese really pushed in with their faster and cheaper options.

Today the market is a very different place, there’s many hot hatchbacks being offered in the mix and Peugeot have taken the 308 and made it go faster.

As you can see in the video above Peugeot haven’t gotten the 308 right yet but there’s a lot of good in this car.

The Peugeot 308 starts at €19,950 and the GTi version starts at €36,990.