The Audi A3 gets stuck in the mud

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly


For those who live on the top of a mountain and get their information passed to them by means of a carrier Pigeon the 2016 National Ploughing Championship has just ended and it was massive. A 700-acre grid of every kind of shop and display that ranged from home-made preserves to full sized farming equipment, there was something for everyone. Lunchtime on day two there was a downpour that caught everyone by surprise not because it rained, as this is Ireland after all, but because of the shear amount of rain that fell in such a short space of time. The whole event turned from a mildly damp trudge into Mothers screaming for lost children in lakes and all that in less than an hour.

The real problem with all this rain wasn’t so much getting around on foot, it was more about the 90,000 cars that were parked in the fields surrounding the event. When I say fields, what I really mean is swamp. There was nothing in those fields that was getting out in a hurry and because I was working at the event I was there until it was ending. By the time I got out to the Audi A3 the surface of the grass had been turned into a marsh, there was no way that a two-wheel drive saloon car was getting out of this mess.

Parked right behind me was a Renault Traffic, the owners were gathered around trying to get it unstuck from the wet. There was old doors and bits of wood jammed under each of the drive wheels in an attempt to get some traction. They couldn’t move forward because my car was parked there, the best thing that could help their stricken van was to move my car out of the way.

“If you move we’ll be able to drive forward” said the owner of the van who now the same colour as the mud under his van.

“Alright but I’ll have to keep going” I shouted over the sound of a revving engine of a Citroen that was digging a hole in the field with its tyres. On the other side of us a rear-wheel drive Mercedes was doing its best to move the whole field from its current location over to the hedge line, it worked but it left the Merc up to the axles in bog.

With all these cars getting stuck around me there was only one way out for me and that was through the swamp to my left. I hopped in the front seat and started up the 2.0ltr diesel, it’s an automatic box which means I don’t have full control over the power through the muck. This might end in being sunk.

The handful of sturdy looking lads from the van got behind me and we set off, the A3 got about 10 meters and I was set loose actually, adrift would be a better word as I was floating across the wasteland of water and mud.

I could see the hard surface, it was just over there behind a wall of abandoned cars and vans. I pointed the wheels and it didn’t make any difference as the car carried on it the direction it was going. I drove for a good 100 meters through every kind of obstacle, there was so many other cars stuck and I just managed to sail by, then I sank. The little Audi A3 sank into the mud and would go no further, I thought I was finished, I thought there was nothing else to do but wait for a Tractor.

Just then a group of lads ran up behind the car and started shouting at me to “GO ON” and so I stuck it in D and pointed the wheels for the hard surface, on it went, the little A3 lived again with the help of strangers I made it to the hard road.

There’s nothing as good when Humans help others in their time of need, even if they are up to their knees in mud.

The little Audi A3 turned out to be a dream come true, it’s not a fancy quattro, nor did I have a special 4×4 or tyres, it’s just an Audi and very vorsprung durch technik.