The Mercedes E is a class act

Written 3 years ago by Rebecca Donnelly

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Mercedes seem to be launching a new car every other week, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the new models coming out, most of them are great but there’s the bread and butter model that matters; the E-Class.

For many years the E-Class has summed up all that was needed to be in the upper echelons of driving, it’s smaller and less tech-focused than the S-Class but yet not as entry level as the C-Class. It’s right in the middle of everything Mercedes make and faces right into the competition like the Audi A6 and BMW 5 series, of course there’s new competition out there like Volvo but their sales won’t trouble Mercedes just yet.

Mercedes have done a long overdue revamp of the exterior styling, the older models were very boxy around the rear and the interior had some very old-fashioned touches that might suit the mature driver but not these young, dynamic go-getters that are populating showrooms these days; whippersnappers.

There’s still something very sedate about the E-Class, something quite tweed and and Golf club about the whole thing. I even feel relaxed just looking at the car let alone driving it and it’s this relaxing feeling that Mercedes have ramped up with this version.  It’s so very quite in the cabin, like a big Cathedral on wheels and that sets it apart in the line up of available executive saloons.

Mercedes e class interior

At night the E-Class cabin comes into it’s own, the short evenings are coming and that’s when the drivers seat will be the place you’ll want to be. There’s lighting all around the edge of the dashboard that can be a choice of colours, these lights give off an ambient light that won’t interfere with the view out the front window. The air of luxury when driving is easy to feel and I don’t often use the L word with executive saloons because what I find to be luxurious and what you find to be luxurious can be two very different things.

There are some modes to choose from when driving, sport comfort and eco. The only real difference that I can find between all of them is the sharpness of the throttle response and the speed of the gear changes. To be honest, outside testing the gears I left it in comfort and never changed it again. The only real complaint about the cabin is the Sat-Nav display, it really does look old fashioned. I think Garmin make it and the display really looks out of place, it’s somewhat jarring from the Mercedes standard display. It really doesn’t fit with the rest of the displays and Mercedes need to fix that.


The E-Class isn’t one of these cars that brilliant at anything in particular, it manages to be very good at everything. You won’t really notice a journey of 500kms because you’ll still be fresh when you arrive at the other end and that’s an important factor to think about when buying a car like this. It’ll spend most of it’s time flying up and down motorways trying to get to the next appointment, it needs to get you there in comfort and in that it won’t let you down.